Superbowl 50: A Preview

Hello my football fanatics. Ready for the big game later? I don’t know if I’m ready for the game, but I’m certainly ready for the party. My Frisbie Lane viewing party is Mexican themed, obviously. Nothing says NFL quite like refried beans and margaritas. Amirite?????

I’m having a tough time deciding who to cheer for. If it’s Peyton’s last game, then I would love to see him go out with a win. However, I want to have bi-racial children with Cam Newton. So I really can’t decide. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. I am just thankful we can all sit around and eat snacks. And drink margs.

Can we also talk about what happened to watching Super Bowl commercials DURING the game?? I feel like I have seen them all already.

Gotta admit though, pretty excited for the halftime show. I am a huge Coldplay fan. And Beyonce always performs well. My dad said “I heard her new song is very political”. If keeping hot sauce in your bag, slaying b!tche$, and taking your man to Red Lobster is political, then you do you, Dad.

Dad also came home with a new tv yesterday because he was worried ours would break during the game. Seems plausible. I’m just excited I get the old tv to put in my playroom so I can watch The Bachelor in peace without answering one million questions. Because remember, I don’t have cable in my room. I’m not old enough for that yet.

When I asked my mom who was playing in the Super Bowl she said, “The Denver Broncos, Peyton Manning, and Car.. begins with a C. Uh Newton. Don’t put that in your blog. Wait, Cam! Cam Newton!” I gotta say y’all.. I am thoroughly impressed. She needs to learn his name quickly because he’s about to father her grandchildren.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday! I’ll have lots of “Cooking With Lana” snaps later.

Peace and blessings, y’all!

“The Lord is my shepherd, and Peyton is my quarterback.”
To clarify.. this isn’t in the Bible. I saw it on a t-shirt.


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