Lana has become somewhat of an alter ego. My friends use to call me Lana and it drove me crazy, but now.. she’s my sidekick.

I’m 25.

My diet always starts on Monday.

I take “treat yo self” a little too seriously.

I’m convinced that tacos and pizza can fill the void of a boyfriend.

My favorite drink is a solid tie between a frozen Margarita and a Gin and Tonic.

I like to travel and explore new places.

I like dancing in my bathroom to loud music. Alone.

My playlists consist of opera, pop, Latino hits, country and everything in between.

If I could marry anyone in this world it would probably be Josh Duhamel. Or Prince Harry.

I like to think one day I will rule an island.

I wish Micro scooters were still cool. Still have mine. Obsessed.

Sometimes I like sitting in my room in silence and lighting manly scented candles.

I enjoy Snapchatting what I’m cooking. It’s called “Cooking With Lana”.

This is my blog about my life. Enjoy.

If you wanna get in touch, you can do that below.





Life With Lana is run by Alana Newson.


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