Neighbors 3: A True Story

I am 100% confident my neighbors were sent to me from God.

They contributed to major events in my life such as getting my first iPod, a Mini, which by the way I had before they were even cool because that’s how ahead of the game my neighbors are, and my first cellphone, a beautiful LG Mint Chocolate.

In addition, they also taught me how to dance. So if you have ever had the privilege of dancing with me, you can thank them. Moves like that don’t come naturally. It’s a learned art form. They also introduced me to the wonderful world of hispanic food. LIKE OMG, they know how to cook. Their ceviche, beans, and tacos are out of this world. But most importantly, they taught me how to drink.

Because my neighbors are pretty much my best friends, I like to hang out with them on the reg. They invite me to the movies and over to dinner. We are pretty tight. But my favorite invitations are for margarita nights. Like last night.

Now let me tell ya, they sure know how to make a mixed drink. Last night at Bar Frisbie, nine new drinks were created. The best part about these creations is getting to name them. I think my favorite last night was Black & Blue. Or then again it might have been It’s Good. It’s actually hard to choose. As you would imagine, these drinks made me super chatty, loud, giggly, and an excellent dancer. Well, better than I was before. I can’t count how many times my mom had to tell me to lower my voice. Or how many times my brother would just glare at me. But whatever.

After consuming nine delicious drinks, it was only fitting to nom on some homemade tortilla chips with black refried beans and queso fresco, duh. unnamed-10

This was my brother trying to deal with me after the fact. unnamed-7

I genuinely feel sorry for people who don’t have neighbors like me. Which is everyone because no one has neighbors quite like mine. I actually consider them close family. For my birthday they made me frozen ice shots. Like who does that? My neighbors. They also have started a tequila collection for me. I sincerely love them. I know I can always count on them to play Cards Against Humanity with me or go to Cincos.

They are 75% to blame for all of my worst hangovers.

But I really do love them. My neighbors, not the hangovers.




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