Putting the Ugg in Ugly

Ah, Uggs. What a topic.

Are they the most ugly type of shoe/boot? It’s a close second to Chacos. Do I still wear both? Yep.

No matter what anyone says about Uggs, they are the most beautiful thing I have ever put on my foot. The fur in them is like no other. Nothing in this world can keep my feet warm quite like my Ugg boots or Ugg slippers. Not even my fuzziest socks.

I wish, on a daily basis, that I could wear my Ugg slippers to work. I also wish Uggs were acceptable in the summer. I think Uggs would accompany a sun dress nicely.

I just love Uggs so much.

Last night my mom asked me to borrow my Uggs because they looked “warm”. She has now been converted. Adrie was an Ugg hater, now she is a lover.

What I seem to have noticed is that everyone who hates on Uggs, has yet to even try them. What’s that famous saying, “Don’t knock it till you try it”. Did you know that was written about Uggs. True story. I once got into a small argument with a guy in college who always made fun of Uggs. After I made him put on the glass slipper, which I call Uggs, he recanted everything he had said before.

They may be UGGly (lol) but they are wonderful.

So make fun of them all you want, but I guarantee you my feet are warmer than yours.

Can’t you just feel the warmth from these photos???


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