Dogs vs. Boyfriends

Which one should you get?  The answer is always a dog.

Let’s compare the two shall we…

Boyfriends are annoying. Dogs are not.

Dogs let you pick the music in the car. Boyfriends do not.

Boyfriends don’t get excited every time they see you. Dogs do.

Dogs cry when you leave the house. Boyfriends do not.

Boyfriends either talk too much or not enough. Dogs just understand.

Dogs will cuddle with you every night. Boyfriends will not.

Boyfriends don’t let you choose the Netflix show. Dogs will.

Dogs drool over you. Boyfriends do not.

Boyfriends can be shady. Dogs are faithful.

Dogs are easily entertained. Boyfriends are not.

Boyfriends don’t text you back. Dogs don’t even have phones.

Dogs don’t expect presents. Boyfriends do.

Boyfriends want you to go out. Dogs want you to stay in.

Dogs will always make you smile. Boyfriends will not.

Basically, dogs will do whatever you want them to do and boyfriends will not. So put simply, dogs are better than boys.

I do not have a boyfriend. I just love my dog, Locho, more than I could ever love a man.
And maybe some boyfriends are nice people. But dogs are probably nicer.


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