The Bachelor and The Parents

Watching The Bachelor with your parents is quite the experience. I feel like I need a drink after all the questions and comments. Here are a few convos from my night…

“Wait is he really kissing all of these girls?” Yes, Mom.
“Alana, you are much smarter than these girls.” Ok, thanks Mom.
“Why is she crying?” I don’t know, Dad.
“These girls are your age, Alana.” I’m well aware, Mom.
“Which one was she?” I need something more specific than that, Mom.
“So he gets to date all of these women at the same time?” Yes, Dad.

I’m thinking the final three women will be Lauren B., JoJo, and…. Olivia….
I just have a gut feeling that Ben will keep her around.

And can we all agree that we are thrilled Lace left on her own terms? My mom was thankful too. She thinks Lace would be too much for any man. Sorry, girl.

Dad’s overall thoughts on the show, “Do these girls think this is real life? Don’t they realize this is a Godd**n reality show??” Well alright then. He only watched for five minutes.

There ya have it, LanaLovers. Watch The Bachelor on your own or with your friends. Not with your parents. Unless you have to. Like me. Because I’m 23 and living at home. With no cable in my room. Or my beloved playroom.




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