My First Time

Hoping for a juicy sex story? Sorry, not sharing. However, yesterday was a day of firsts. Some might find the following story to be offensive.. some might find it to be empowering. You decide.

Yesterday I was talked into getting a full Brazilian wax. OH MY GOD. Do not ever listen to someone who says “it really doesn’t hurt that bad” because it does. That ripping/burning sensation is quite a feeling that’s hard to explain.

Ok, the story. I nervously drive to the salon and tell the lady “I’d like a wax.” To which she responds, “Ok, honey. Sit right there. Just your brow?” Oh. “Um no, like a wax.” Thank God she caught my drift. I was then led into a brightly lit room. Ten seconds later I’m lying on a table with nothing but my t-shirt and socks on. My legs are then maneuvered into awkward positions. Oh and the best part… the room has glass walls. At this point I’m sweating and practically shaking. The wax lady could obviously tell I was a little nervous so she reassured me with, “Don’t worry honey, I make your p*ssy look real nice.” I couldn’t decide what to do at that moment. Laugh? Cry? Leave? I didn’t really have time to think about it because at this point the wax is now being spread on me. Before I know it, my skin is getting ripped off of me.

So I’m lying there practically in tears while this sweet Vietnamese woman is telling me about her family while putting me through complete agony at the same time. I won’t go into too much detail about the actual process but a few minutes later I was counting my blessings that it was over. BUT IT WASN’T. I wasn’t informed that your rear ends gets a special treatment too. I will say though, it’s a walk in the park compared to the front. When I thought I was finally finished, I saw her take out tweezers. I nearly fainted. “I get the small hair for you.” Ok, do whatever you need to do. I have no feeling in my lower body anyway.

Now I’m laying there not wanting to move for a while. I then see her pulling out lotion. Again, no one told me that you get a nice little massage after. Which is weird. So so so weird. At that point though, I was accepting it. My mind was in a million places. “Honey, this take the red away.” After the massage was over, I was given her business card and that was that.

So by yesterday afternoon I’m feeling like I can conquer the world. I felt like a new woman. So I decided for a change. As most of you know, I have long, luscious blonde locks. I’ve had blonde hair for quite some time and wanted something a little darker. I went to Walmart and picked out a box color called “Chestnut Brown”. I was all excited about my new look, thinking it would turn out a nice, dark, “Chestnut Brown”….. I was wrong.

Because I have long, thick hair, I got my mom and one of her friends to do it for me. As the color is going on, I notice it’s VERY dark. So for the second time in one day, I’m feeling like I might faint. I’m thinking I have destroyed my beautiful blonde hair. So now comes the part for washing it all out. I’m on my hands and knees, feeling like a child again, as my mom helps me wash my hair. Well my hair certainly was not dark after it was all rinsed out. It was red. So I now have dark red hair. I’m looking in the mirror wanting to cry. What have I done?? My face is too pale for this hair color, I am an idiot, Oh my gosh- all these thoughts ran through my mind. I was going out for dinner last night (hot date-lol jk) so I obviously did my makeup. And to my surprise.. I kind of like the hair color. Looks bold and mysterious. So as of today, I still have the red hair. It’s slowly growing on me. No pun intended. Still not sure if I will keep it or go for the color I was actually trying to achieve.

So yeah, yesterday was quite an adventure. Lost some hair and got some hair. Lol, the jokes are kind of funny. My advice to all would be, just do it. Nike didn’t even pay me to say that. Change is good for the soul.

Have a great weekend my friends!!



3 thoughts on “My First Time

  1. Christine Cruz says:

    Ok, where do I start? First of all, I would not have recommended that particular wax lady until after you had a baby and the modesty is gone. You need a shot of tequila (or a few) and a couple of packs of cigarettes after going there for the first time. It surely is a unique experience! You will now be able to conquer the world! Love the locks, btw. You will have to let me know who has more fun, blondes or red heads. (My hubs is a particular fan of red heads)


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