How To Survive The 2016 Blizzard

Are you tired of bread and milk yet? Hope you took my advice and stocked up on the good stuff!

Was anyone able to hike to bars? Do snow donuts in parking lots? Meet up with Tinder matches? Anyone expecting a baby in late October? Keep me posted.

This has probably been the best snow we have had in a looonnng time. My house got close to 10 inches. Seriously insane for our neck of the woods!


I hope everyone is managing ok during the blizzard and hasn’t gone crazy from cabin fever or over exhausted themselves from sledding. By the way, redneck sledding is the way to do it. That is some serious fun. Shoutout to my good friends on the farm!

I wanted to share just a few tips to help you survive The 2016 Blizzard in case you are struggling.

  • Showering doesn’t matter during the blizzard. I lost track of my days and therefore lost track of when I showered last. Embarrassed to admit how long I was able to make it… My legs were starting to resemble Locho’s. Yikes!
  • You haven’t changed clothes in days? No worries, neither have I.
  • Gaining five pounds is ok. Who eats healthy food during a blizzard? And if you really do, something is wrong with you. Live a little.
  • Don’t feel ashamed for watching an entire series on Netflix. That’s impressive.
  • It’s ok to post all of your snow photos to Facebook. Who cares if other people are sick of seeing all the snow? I think they look beautiful.
  • It’s also ok to continually check your emails to see if work (or school) is closed all of next week. Fingers crossed.
  • Basically, do whatever you want because snow like this won’t come again for quite a while.

Keep enjoying this awesome weather! I certainly am!




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