The Snowpocalypse Is A Real Thing

Hopefully you all made it to Kroger in time. I certainly did. But I only bought essentials.

I was a little skeptical about the snow, but held out hope like a little child. To my amazement, we got so much snow.. and it’s still snowing.

No work and no worries made for a perfect snow day.

However, living at home when you’re an adult means you have no friends in the neighborhood to play in the snow with. Mom and Dad wouldn’t play with me. Locho was a trooper though. He had lots of fun. We’re currently warming our hands and paws until we go back out again.

All the snow has me feeling like I’m Cinderella. Not because some Prince Charming just showed up (I WISH), but because all the little birds are flocking to my house for me to feed them. Wait, was it Snow White that did that? Or both? Idk. Anyway, I made sure to fill up the bird feeders so my little friends could eat. How princess-like, or psychotic, do I sound right now?

Anyway, it looks amazing outside and I am thoroughly enjoying my day by the fire with my Kindle and playing in the snow. But things are about to get real. And by that I mean the pizza is about to go in the oven, and the margaritas are about to be mixed.
Enjoy your snow day, LanaLoverz.


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