Dear March, You Are Awkward

I think this week will probably be one of the most difficult I’ve had in a while. Why you ask? Four things: Everyone is on Spring Break and I’m not, I get confused when it’s still bright out at 6, I can’t decide what to wear when it’s chilly in the morning but warm in the afternoon, and people really annoy me about St. Patrick’s Day.

Spring Break:
I’m not on it. It’s sad. Everyone is at the beach. It’s consuming my social media timelines. I miss college.

Daylight Savings:
Loving the extra hour in the evening. However, super confusing at first. Last night I was watching tv thinking it was 4 pm and it was like 11. It was strange. But brighter evenings means we are closer to summer and that makes me happy.

Spring Weather:
“Go home, you’re drunk.” How can anyone dress in this?! When I leave my house in the morning I need a light cardigan but by lunchtime I need a tank and shorts. Which is actually terrifying because I’m still in winter body mode. Like do I wear booties because they’re trendy but risk looking foolish in the afternoon? Or do I look like a complete idiot walking into work in sandals when it’s chilly outside? How can I make these decisions??? You know what else is hard during spring weather? The food transition. The change from chili and soups to salads and grilled foods is kind of hard. I would eat chili year round if I could. But are you supposed to just transition over a day? Or do you slowly start taking things away and adding new foods? Someone please help. I can’t wait for hamburgers on the grill though, yum. And for any confusion, tacos and pizza are year-round foods. This weather also makes work quite difficult. When it’s 75 and sunny the only place I want to be from 2 o’clock onwards is an outdoor patio.

St. Patrick’s Day:
Don’t even get me started…
When people hear my family (like my actually family) is from Ireland they get really excited to tell me their family is from Ireland too. So I always love to ask, “Oh really, like your mom or dad is from Ireland?” To which, I always get the response along the lines of, “No, my great grandmother’s uncle’s best friend’s cousin’s girlfriend’s step-mom’s sister’s neighbor’s brother was from Ireland.” Ok. We are done with this conversation. Unless you, your mom or dad, or your grandparents are from Ireland, please don’t tell me you are Irish. I also get this question all the time, “So do people have, like, red hair and pale skin?” No, they do not. Practically everyone in my family has dark hair and dark skin. And no, leprechauns don’t roam the streets.

Ok back to St. Patrick’s Day. People in America make me LOL. They make a bigger deal of SPD than Irish people do. People in Ireland do not wear nearly as much green as people do here, nor do they wear half of the amount of tacky paraphernalia. And the whole pinching if you’re not wearing green, not Irish. What is Irish though.. you guessed it, drinking. But people in Ireland celebrate by drinking authentic Irish beer, Guinness. Sorry people, Mic Ultra and vodka sodas aren’t from the motherland. Does anyone even know why St. Patrick is celebrated? If anyone can tell me without googling, I will buy you a Guinness. I guarantee if you asked an Irish person on July 4th what the celebration was for, they would know the answer. Clue: St. Patrick’s Day is not Irish Independence Day.

I do love St. Patrick’s Day though. And it does make me happy so many people want to celebrate. I admire your love and dedication to your Irish heritage. Way to drink for your ancestors! And there is more to the Irish than just drinking, I promise. They love their culture and are cool people. I’ll probably be celebrating my Irish culture with margaritas due to the lack of Irish pubs in Smalltown, Tennessee. Maybe they can dye them green. So Irish.

But I hope everyone has a safe and fun St. Patrick’s Day! And survives this weird week!

Sláinte agus póg mo thóin!




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