What’s The Going Rate For An Adult-Sitter?

My parents announced to me today that they are taking a trip to Cabo. Without me. Typical. Was I a little upset I wasn’t invited? Sure. The worst part of this story… My mom wants to get me a babysitter. Was she kidding? I can only pray. Anyone know the going rate for a babysitter, or should I say adultsitter? Do you pay more or less when the child is 23?

As if living at home with your parents isn’t bad enough, but now I can’t even be held responsible enough to safe guard our house and my precious dog?!

What’s the worse that could happen? I throw a Project X party? The house burns down? I break open a few bottles of their wine?Heaven forbid I act like a normal, responsible adult.

If my mom still wants to treat me like a child perhaps I can use this to my advantage. Am I still childish enough that I can’t do my own laundry? Can’t cook my own meals? Still need an allowance?

At the age of 23 are you allowed to choose your babysitters? I never really liked having a male sitter but now I’m thinking it’s a great idea.

Stay tuned to see what happens next.

And if anyone knows an adultsitter agency, please let my mom know. Or if you want to volunteer, let her know.

Until next time LanaLovers.



Let’s Talk About Tacos

Are tacos a group on the food pyramid? Why yes, they are. Located right beside refried beans and chips and salsa.

Ever had that little vision in your head where your significant other whispers those three little words into your ear. Yeah me too, and it sounds a lot like “Let’s make tacos”.

Am I obsessed? Probably. Do I care? No.

Tonight, I made my ever so popular chicken tacos, which were featured on Cooking with Lana. If you don’t know what that is by the way, go follow  alananewson on Snapchat. My dear friend Emma was visiting from France so I had to give her the full Cooking with Lana experience. The best part about our little adventure was getting the tortillas. Let me tell you friends, the tortillas are key. Store bought ones just don’t do it. They gotta be fresh off the press, literally. I’ve got some connections at the local Mexican tienda, so give me a shout if you ever want to purchase your own.

Anyway, the point of this post is that tacos are God’s gift to this earth. What’s better than putting queso fresco and avocado slices into fresh corn tortillas? Oh yeah that’s right, nothing.

Moral of this story: if you ever want to date me, don’t wine and dine me.. marg and taco me.


You Asked For It

Well my little LanaLovers, here it is. My very own blog for your pure enjoyment. I’m only doing this because it was begged of me. Ok.. and in hopes of becoming famous.

BUT HERE IS YOUR DISCLOSURE: If you don’t wanna hear more about Cooking With Lana, where I’m traveling to next, what my dog is up to, what life is like at 23 when you’re living at home with your parents, or what embarrassing stunt I just pulled at the bar, then you can say goodbye now Lana Haterz. No feelings hurt.

But if you think that stuff might be kinda funny, which I guarantee you it will be, then stick around. Like I said, this is for your entertainment… and it could get interesting.

Peace and blessings my friends.