What’s The Going Rate For An Adult-Sitter?

My parents announced to me today that they are taking a trip to Cabo. Without me. Typical. Was I a little upset I wasn’t invited? Sure. The worst part of this story… My mom wants to get me a babysitter. Was she kidding? I can only pray. Anyone know the going rate for a babysitter, or should I say adultsitter? Do you pay more or less when the child is 23?

As if living at home with your parents isn’t bad enough, but now I can’t even be held responsible enough to safe guard our house and my precious dog?!

What’s the worse that could happen? I throw a Project X party? The house burns down? I break open a few bottles of their wine?Heaven forbid I act like a normal, responsible adult.

If my mom still wants to treat me like a child perhaps I can use this to my advantage. Am I still childish enough that I can’t do my own laundry? Can’t cook my own meals? Still need an allowance?

At the age of 23 are you allowed to choose your babysitters? I never really liked having a male sitter but now I’m thinking it’s a great idea.

Stay tuned to see what happens next.

And if anyone knows an adultsitter agency, please let my mom know. Or if you want to volunteer, let her know.

Until next time LanaLovers.



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